Use these simple tips to increase memory power

New Delhi: Today the whole world has introduced such a rule of artificial intelligence that people no longer feel the need to remember anything. The blind race to do and achieve everything with the help of technology has now become part of our lifestyle. The danger is that due to this weakening of our memory, we may one day reach the edge of answers. That is why it is important that we keep ourselves physically and mentally fit. Especially in cases like concentration and memory, even a little carelessness can be expensive. So here are the easy ways to increase and maintain memory.

Don’t compromise with sleep
Doctors often say that sleep deprivation is a major reason for memory loss. It is necessary to sleep for nine hours for teens and seven to eight hours for adults.

To stress
Stress is memory’s worst enemy. Do not hesitate to seek the cooperation of others in everything. Morning walk, daily pranayama, meditation and deep breathing will not relieve the tension under any circumstances. Instead of the elevator, go up the stairs, go swimming in the pool, ride a bike, do aerobics, try Super Brain Yoga. These provide oxygen to the brain and get new energy.

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Brainstorm a lot
Think, ask, read, write, puzzle, play chess, sail a new hobby, relive memories of the past. With them, the brain fibers will be powerful. To relax the mind, go to the cottage, hum, paint, listen to music, wander the scenic scenic place. These are all fast tonic brains.

Drink a lot of water
Remember that 85% of the brain is liquid, the drying of which also affects memory. So always put a bottle of water on the table, and keep popping it every now and then. Drinking water is good for both physical and mental health.

Does not matter
Keep your mind straight, not negative. With positive thinking, the mind is always fresh and in its current state. He has not forgotten the disease. Thinking about the beautiful scene and being happy makes the thinking positive.

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(Note: Consult doctors before taking any action)