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New Delhi: Itching, caused by dirt, allergies or other reasons, causes great damage to your skin. In addition, itching problem is also seen in the body due to consuming contaminated water or medicines. Sometimes small pimples on the body and bleeding on them are also revealed, which is even more dangerous for the skin. Let’s know, some home remedies for itching (Home Remedies for Ituk).

Only these 2 things need to be mixed in the bath water
The water you bathe with is clean and no dirt gets into it. You should add a teaspoon of baking soda and 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice to the bathing water. You will receive this material at your home. Mix it well with water and then take a bath with this water. You will start to see benefits in a week.

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Other tips
Boiling neem leaves, bathing with that water, removes germs present in the body and skin and relieves the itching problem.
Take a few garlic buds and heat it with mustard oil. When those buds burn completely, filter the oil and massage it all over the body. Itching has benefits.
Grind three grams of cumin seeds and 15 grams of vermilion and cook in mustard oil. Now apply this prepared paste on the itchy area. Itching will stop using this paste.

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(Note: Consult doctors before taking any action)