suffer from tooth loss follow these home remedies

New Delhi: Sometimes there is such a pain in the teeth that you feel that your teeth are shaking or that there is a tea in it. These types of dental problems are caused by the loosening of the lower tissue of your teeth. Sometimes loose teeth are also caused by problems with teeth and gums.

Because of a disease called periodontal teeth, teeth also start to move. Apart from this, not brushing your teeth properly, lack of oral hygiene, not flossing teeth, bacteria build-up in the teeth, etc. Also cause the roots of the teeth to weaken. This causes the teeth to move. The good thing is that there are many home remedies for this problem that will help you get rid of it.

Home remedies for toothache

Draw oil
In this, the filling of the oil in the mouth is finished. This destroys the harmful microbes that are present in the mouth. Infuse oil with a spoonful of virgin coconut or sesame or olive oil. Before brushing in the morning, put the oil in the mouth and steep for 15 to 20 minutes. After this, remove the oil and rinse with hot water.

Amla powder
Amla is rich in vitamin C. The grip of teeth becomes stronger with vitamin C. Amla juice provides a lot of relief for a moving tooth. If you want to make something of it or drink it.

Home remedy is garlic
Garlic has strong antimicrobial elements. If your tooth starts to vibrate from an infection, applying garlic to that area will gradually destroy the harmful microbes. Cut the thin buds of garlic and apply it on the affected gums and cheeks. Leave it for a while. You have to do this 2-3 times a day.

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Salt and mustard oil
Wake up every morning in the morning by mixing salt and mustard oil, cleaning its teeth and applying it to the painful area. Massage in with light hands after application. This gives the bets peace of mind.

Black pepper and turmeric
The combination of both herbs makes the roots of the teeth strong. For this you need to make a thick paste of black pepper and turmeric, leave it on the spot for 30 minutes with a moving tooth. This will also relieve your toothache and stop teeth moving. But you have to do it for a week.

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