Scientists have found a new way to treat stomach wounds, patients will get relief

Beijing: Chinese scientists have made a major breakthrough in health. It is alleged that Chinese researchers have invented a new way to treat gastric lesions using a microrebot. All this has been done through bioprinting. This is according to a study published in the journal Biofabrication. According to doctors, injury or injury to the stomach lining in the digestive system is a common problem, often requiring drug therapy or invasive surgery. It is believed that patients will now be able to get rid of this type of mess.

According to this new research, new cells can be transported directly to the wound site through bioprinting to repair tissues. This can prove to be a boon to millions of people with stomach problems. Researchers from Chinguha University in Beijing, the capital of China, have given birth to a new concept of in-vivo bioprinting in the city.

In addition, he has designed a micro-robot that enters the body through an endoscope to repair tissues. These scientists allegedly tested the microarboat and delivery system with an endoscope to mimic the biological model of the human stomach and the insertion and bioprinting operation. He performed a bioprinter test in a cell culture dish to find out how effective this method was in healing cells and wounds.

Tests showed that the printed cells maintained high viability and stable proliferation, which also indicated good biological function of the cells in the printed tissue. According to Chinese researcher Shwi Thaw who was involved in this study, research has verified the feasibility of this concept for treating gastric wall injuries and created a broad potential for healing different types of wounds in the body without major surgery. is.

However, he said more work needs to be done in this regard, including downsizing the bioprint platform and developing bioink. He also said that biological production rings, 3D printing and mechanics etc. are prominent in the development of the system.

It can be said that Chinese scientists have sparked a ray of hope for all patients with stomach diseases in the world. If this is possible, all diseases in the stomach can be treated without surgery.