Research has shown that holding tears is harmful to your health

New Delhi: It is said that when Isan is very unhappy about something, tears come from his eyes. That means he is crying. At the same time, there are some people who take their tears away. But they don’t know that it can be very dangerous for their health. The stress problem can increase in such people. People who cry can bring a positive change to their mood, according to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. Another study conducted by psychologists in the United States of Minnesota states that if you stop your tears, it increases stress levels. Before they stop their tears, let’s know what issues people may face.

There is more tension from stopping the tear
Mental stress is felt when we try to stop our tears. When we don’t cry, these hormones increase and we feel stressed.

The heart rate also affects
Emotional outbursts are very important. If it doesn’t, our heart rate can also be affected by stress. Blood from our heart pumps very quickly to other parts of the body. This is why sometimes your hands and feet and cheeks feel warm when you are about to cry. In such a situation, the heart rate can increase.

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Problem of anxiety
An increased heart rate is not good for people with anxiety problems. In this situation, palpitations can occur and panic attacks can also occur. In such a situation, the situation will worsen.

breathing problem
If you have an anxiety attack, your stress level increases, your hands and feet get warm, and your heart rate increases, you may have difficulty breathing. In such a situation, the body automatically begins to breathe quickly. You must have noticed that while the emotional outbursts stopped, you were breathing hard.

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