know cardamom health benefits and significant side effects

New Delhi: White cardamom means the treasure of fragrance. The cardamom used as a spice in every home kitchen is full of health. Cardamom consumption is beneficial for you in many ways. Most people use cardamom as a delicious spice and remain ignorant of its health benefits. In such a situation, today we will tell you in detail about the benefits of cardamom and the side effects of cardamom. It is often used to enhance the taste of various candies.

Handy for weight loss
Cardamom contains many ingredients that can aid in weight loss. Add cardamom to your diet and enjoy rapid weight loss!

Beneficial in oral cancer
Cardamom’s anti-inflammatory elements can help fight oral cancer, skin cancer cells.

Beneficial for high blood pressure
Many studies have found that green cardamom can be beneficial in controlling high blood pressure. It contains anti-oxidant elements that can help normalize blood circulation.

Give relief from coughing
The effect of green cardamom is hot, so using it at night is effective for a cold, cough or sore throat. Chewing cardamom with lukewarm water at night can provide quick relief from eating it.

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Too much food is harmful
Many people start to eat more cardamom to get rid of the habit of overeating, which can be harmful. Eating more cardamom can cause constipation in the chest or mouth, and gallstones can also occur. Eating more cardamom can also be harmful to health. In fact, there are two types of cardamom, large cardamom and small and small. Both are used as spices. If it is hot in the picture, taking too much can cause problems related to your stomach or digestion.

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(Note: Consult doctors before taking any action)