know black salt health benefits and side effects

New Delhi: Aside from white salt, black salt is also easy to find in the kitchen. Not only is black salt considered beneficial for the stomach, but there are many health benefits of black salt. Black salt can easily relieve problems such as vomiting, acidity or constipation. Black salt kills acidification. Including black salt in your diet on a daily basis can also help you stay healthy by improving digestion. But since a lot of black salt is good for health, it also has some drawbacks. Let us tell you how black salt benefits and harms your health.

Benefits of Eating Black Salt

Black salt is rich in iron and minerals and also has medicinal properties in many ways.
Black salt and parsley can be taken to relieve stomach pain or torsion.
Black salt can be helpful in relieving joint pain or stiffness problems.
– Using black salt in salads or other foods can reduce gas and constipation problems.
– Black salt can boost our digestion.
Black salt can also increase seratonin hormone, which can help keep us relaxed.
– Black salt can help us sleep well.

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Cons of Eating Black Salt

Promotes high blood pressure
Excessive intake of black salt can promote high blood pressure. Eating too much black salt can also cause hypertension. Due to high blood pressure problems you get more anger and you can also be a heart patient.

There may also be a stone problem
Black salt is high in sodium, and its excessive consumption causes more crystals to form in the body, which can cause stone problems. Apart from this, there is also a risk of stomach cancer from excessive intake.

The iodine content can be quite low
The amount of iodine in this salt is much less. Iodine deficiency can occur in the body from eating too much of it. Therefore, it is recommended to eat it with mixed salt.

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(Note: Consult doctors before taking any action)