IIT-BHU alumni create app for pregnant women, earn awards | IIT-BHU alumni have made an app for pregnant women, know the specialty

Varanasi: Two alumni from IIT-BeachAU have developed a health app to help pregnant women. Developers Ravi Teja and Mayur Dhurpate have named the app ‘iMamz’, which is ranked second in the health category across India in the prestigious self-reliant India app innovation challenge. Weekly pregnancy and fetal health are told in a scientific way in this app, along with other measures for healthy children and safe delivery.

The app also highlights ‘medical, emotional, physical’ issues related to women during pregnancy. Ravi and Mayur quit the lucrative salary job and used their intelligence to create an app that could help pregnant women.

Both started solving this problem at IIT-BHU in 2017 and developed this innovation app with the help of their mentor Rajesh Jagasia. Jagasia is a senior meditation coach and experienced Chief Experience Officer (CXO) trainer.