if you are a pickle lover know side effects

New Delhi: There are many people who like to eat different kinds of pickles in addition to food. Pickle lovers are just waiting for the scent of a new pickle. But do you know that consuming excessive amounts of pickle can also cause many health problems. Let us know how much pickle can harm your health (side effects of pickle).

Too much salt
If eating salt is necessary for us, then too much salt is also dangerous to health. Those who eat too much salt are at risk for hypertension and heart-related diseases. Apart from this, swelling also occurs when its amount in the body increases. This also causes the problem of water retention. Gherkins need to be stored for a long time, for this a lot of salt is added. Salt acts as a preservative. In this case, eating too much pickle increases the risk that the amount of salt in the body will increase.

Cancer risk
Many studies have said that too many pickle eaters are at risk for stomach cancer. However, these facts have not yet been fully proven. Apart from this, it has also been said that the esophagus is cancer.

oil boom
To keep the pickle beautiful for a long time and to keep it from moisture, a lot of oil is added. These oils can cause cholesterol to rise. Increasing cholesterol significantly increases the risk of heart disease. It is also dangerous for the liver.

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Loss of herbs
In addition to spices in vinegar, vinegar is also used in abundance, which with regular use can also cause stomach ulcers and other problems.

Swelling problem
The preservatives used to make pickles and keep them safe are harmful to the body and are responsible for acidity or swelling in the body.

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(Note: Consult doctors before taking any action)