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New Delhi: We all use green and crunchy fennel as a mouthpiece. The fennel seeds are cold, so their use increases in the summer. Many such nutrients are found in fennel, which is very important for a healthy life. The main benefit of fennel is that it increases memory and keeps the body cool. Anise contains many mineral elements such as calcium, sodium, iron and potassium. Aside from this, there are other benefits of regular fennel mines. So let’s tell you some unique benefits of eating fennel (fennel seed benefits).

1. Grind almonds, fennel and sugar candy in equal amounts. Consuming it daily after dinner and in the afternoon increases memory capacity.
2. Eating fennel also improves vision. You can also take it with sugar candy if you want.
Eating anise on an empty stomach cleans the blood and makes the skin glow.
4. If your mouth smells bad, regularly chew half a teaspoon of aniseed three to four times a day. This stops the stench in the mouth.
Eating fennel-fennel sugar cream not only sweetens the sound, it also causes a cough.

Clear the blood
The effect of fennel is cold, so it is taken for the stomach in the summer. Fennel has also been shown to be helpful in cleaning the blood.

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Overcome obesity
Fennel contains a significant amount of fiber. Eating fennel can help you control your excess weight. Fennel does not actually allow fat to settle on the body and it appears to be helpful in reducing obesity.

Boost immunity
Fennel helps increase our body’s immunity. This is because vitamin C only works to strengthen the immune cells in our body. Vitamin C helps in increasing the white blood cells ie the number of white blood cells in the body.

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