benefits of foot massage ensure a good night’s sleep

New Delhi: A good night’s sleep is very important for everyone so that we feel refreshed in the morning. But sometimes we get so tired from work that we can’t sleep at night. In such a situation you can also get sick due to lack of sleep. But do you know that massaging the soles of the feet in case of excessive fatigue can give you a good night’s sleep (Good Sleep).

In addition, massaging the feet can also eliminate many diseases. Mustard oil is considered the best for massaging the feet. When you massage your feet with oil, you are pressing on certain pressure points. This will reduce foot pain. The body stays healthy together with the feet (Benefits of foot massage).

Massaging your feet can help you sleep better
When you go to sleep at night, massage your feet with a little mustard oil. This also increases blood circulation. The veins of the feet are relaxed. Sleep peacefully at night. To massage, hold the soles of your feet on your lap. Now press the thumb. After doing this for one to two minutes, massage the soles of the feet and heels with coconut or mustard oil for 5-10 minutes.

Loses weight
By massaging the feet before going to sleep, you can not only reduce your weight but also reduce the fat in your body. It helps remove harmful elements from the body through sweating.

Foot massage increases foot circulation in the feet
You walk all day. Work from a standing or sitting position, but your feet cannot breathe freely because you are wearing shoes. This prevents blood circulation in the feet. It is important that you massage oil at night. Blood circulation will be better. The skin on the feet also remains soft. To improve blood circulation, apply oil to the soles of the feet and rub with the palms for a few minutes. Massage all legs by twisting and shaking them.

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You can get rid of depression
Those who have problems like stress, depression should also do foot oil massage in the soles of the feet. Massage oil on the feet and hands for three minutes to prevent depression, anxiety and stress. Repeat this twice a day. This relieves stress. You will feel relaxed with your mind.

Preserve the beauty of the feet
Massage is a great option to maintain the beauty of the feet. This improves blood flow and the skin on the feet is better than before. If the massage is done with coconut, almond, Till or linseed oil, the legs will look beautiful.

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(Note: Consult doctors before taking any action)