bad habits that harm your kidneys, read article

New Delhi: The main function of the kidney is to balance the amount of water in the body. Kidney regulates the amount of salt and water in the body. Apart from this, filtering out excess water maintains the chemical balance in the body. Kidney plays an important role in the body. Hence, it becomes more important to take care of it. But due to wrong lifestyle and habits, the kidneys are beginning to be affected. Especially it has a very bad effect on women’s health. Let’s know some such habits.

Hold urine
Many women don’t know this, our bladder can hold about two cups of liquid for three to four hours. But because some women have trouble going to the public toilet, she continues to urinate for a long time. This can harm your kidneys. This can cause UTIs, damage to the pelvic area, kidney stones, and more.

Avoid drinking enough water
Hydration of our body is very important for the proper functioning of our organs. Water helps flush out the toxins present in the body and this makes it easier for the kidneys to cleanse your system. But if you don’t drink enough water, you are at risk for UTI and kidney stones. So drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

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Alcohol and smoking
Cigarette smoking makes it difficult to filter out our kidney toxins. In addition, alcohol causes dehydration and damages the kidneys’ ability to maintain fluid balance. This can also increase your blood pressure.

Sit for a long time
You may feel a bit strange to hear this, but it is true that sitting for long periods of time and not exercising can lead to problems like cancer, diabetes and heart attack. You can control your heart problems by doing any kind of exercise that is helpful for kidney work.

Sodium foods and red meat
To keep the kidney healthy, one should avoid eating foods with a high sodium content. If you don’t, your blood pressure may rise and your hands, feet and ankles may swell. Aside from this, eating red meat is fine at times, but eating it regularly can be dangerous to health. You can try fish or white meat as other options.

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(Note: Consult doctors before taking any action)