Remarkable Feather Given by Google Photo for Cell Phone

Remarkable Feather Given by Google Photo for Cell Phone

Google Photos is undoubtedly the most reliable apps you possibly can have installed on your phone, especially if it’s an Android device, and especially a specific type of Android that comes with unlimited storage. Even when you prefer a different cloud or storage device for your images, you need to consider still getting the Google Images app in your Android or iPhone right now, because the service is about to get a super convenient feature.

That’s optical character recognition (OCR), a feature that allows Google to learn the text in images and turn it into text that you can search for, and even copy and paste into documents. That’s a helpful feature to have on a phone, especially if you end up taking a lot of photos of issues that include plenty of text that you need to be able to enter later. You know, like that safe, however very advanced password of your private home Wi-Fi. There are different methods of saving that password, in fact, yet who hasn’t taken a photo of a Wi-Fi password at the least once in their lifetime?

According to 9to5Google, it’s the OCR feature that already that exists in Google Lens powering the new feature. Google Lens is an AR app that delivers more information based on the visual data it captures from your surroundings. And now you’ll be capable of searching Google Images for text by text utilizing the OCR feature, after which copy and paste the information you needed.

Google quietly confirmed the function on Twitter, saying it’s rolling out to Photos users this month the ability to search pictures by text.

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